Agrarian Register created

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The Agrarian Register created in accordance with Decree of the President of Ukraine, is being launched and piloted in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Lviv, Odessa, Volyn and Mykolaiv regions.

It is to be recalled that the register, working in the “single window”, is designed to make the interaction between the agricultural producer and the state more simple, convenient and affordable. The Register is planned to facilitate access to state support programs and bank financing, as well as to help correct errors in the State Land Cadastre.

The service implies the ability to obtain data from the USREOU, the State Land Cadastre, the State Register of property rights to real estate and their encumbrances, the Unified State Register of Animals. It is planned to supplement the registry with the functionality of receiving administrative services through the user’s personal account, including permits, certificates and extracts from the respective registries.

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