From May 15, 2020 the rules for issuing sick leave for the quarantine period have been changed

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The Ministry of Health by order No. 963 amended the Instruction on the procedure for issuing documents certifying temporary disability of citizens. The order entered into force on May 15.
It has been established that for the period of activities aimed at preventing the occurrence and spread of COVID-19, the opening of incapacity sheets can be carried out by a doctor who provides primary medical care on the basis of contacting and interviewing a patient using telephone or Internet telephony with a mandatory corresponding record in medical record of an outpatient.
At the same time, for the period of temporary suspension from work of persons whose work is related to servicing the population who have been in contact with infectious patients or who are bacteriocarriers, if it is impossible to carry out temporary transfer by consent to other work that is not associated with the risk of the spread of infectious diseases, leaflet disability is issued by an infectious disease doctor or attending physician based on the results of studies of laboratory centers of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
The order also establishes the procedure for issuing sick leave to individuals who are on self-isolation and observation.
For the period of the insured person’s stay in self-isolation, observation, in temporary health care facilities (specialized hospitals), in health care facilities, as well as on self-isolation under medical supervision in connection with quarantine, except for sick people, a disability certificate will be issued by the attending physician for the period specified by law and industry health standards.

Prepared by lawyer Veronika Kedik

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