In Ukraine, the rules of registration have changed

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In Ukraine, the rules of registration have changed. The Cabinet of Ministers considered the draft resolution “On Amendments to the Rules of Registration of Residence”. Now, when registering a minor child, they will not need documents confirming the right to live in the home at the address of registration of the place of residence of the parents / one of the parents or the legal representative. In the absence of these documents, if the housing is mortgaged or in trust, the registration of residence will be with the consent of the owner / co-owner of the home, tenant or family members (with the consent of the mortgagee or trust owner). An employee of the registration body can check whether the housing is mortgaged or in trust ownership – in the State Register of Real Estate Rights. The application for registration of residence can now indicate that the housing is mortgaged / trusted as a way to ensure the fulfillment of obligations.

Prepared by lawyer Veronika Kedik

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