The Cabinet of Ministers approved a bill on electronic employment records

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a draft law on labor accounting in electronic form. The document will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the near future. The purpose of the bill is to simplify the procedure of access of state bodies to information on human labor activity, to fully automate the process of registration and accrual of pensions, to establish close information interaction between the Pension Fund and managers of state registers. In fact, it is a gradual transition from paper to electronic workbooks. Within 5 years after the adoption of the law, there will be a transition period during which the Pension Fund together with the owners of state registers will transfer data from paper to electronic form. The relevant law will significantly simplify the procedure for drawing a pension when a person reaches the appropriate age. After the law comes into force, the Pension Fund will independently draw up and accrue benefits. However, every citizen has the right to specify the calculation standard – the amount of accrued pension. At the request of the employee, the employer will be obliged to make an appropriate record of employment not only in electronic form but also in a paper workbook.

Prepared by lawyer Veronika Kedik

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