The tax rebate can be extended to all taxable income

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The draft law № 3670 dated 17.06.2020 was registered in the Verkhovna Rada. The draft law proposes to remove the existing restriction on the application of the tax rebate only for income in the form of salary. Such changes will allow to apply the tax rebate also to citizens who receive income in other forms, in particular as remuneration for JRS, interest on the deposit, rent payments, dividends, etc. Citizens will be able to choose for the application of the tax rebate one specific type of income provided for in subparagraphs of paragraph 164.2 of the TCU. Also due to the initiated changes, citizens of Ukraine will be able to include in the tax deduction the amount paid by the taxpayer in favor of health care facilities to compensate for the cost of paid services for the treatment of such taxpayer or his family member of the first degree of kinship. realization of this right.

The information was prepared by the lawyer Kedik V.P.

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